Which Precision punch with the role of servo feeder

Now, you see a lot of factories, skilled unskilled workers or workers a lot, mechanical feeder adjustment will not. Slightly do not pay attention, ranging from the feeder to cut off the arm and legs, while in the work-related injuries. Precision punch with servo feeder is necessary, determined by the characteristics of the servo feeder: for the era of industrial 4.0, the use of closed-loop system control, so that accuracy to ensure that within 0.03mm; stage feeding skills: can enter 6 to 20 groups Different feeding length, each group to provide 999 times the number of stamping to meet the special products of the processing and production; precision punch personalization of the manual mode, allows users to more easily operate and accurately make the material into the mold and positioning; Precision punching machine in the rapid die-changing device steel straightening machine, the clamping mode must be in the next dead point (165 ~ 195 degrees) to do the relaxation action, and the gate-mode track in the punch on the dead point (crank angle 330 ~ 30 degrees) action sheet metal hole punch. The lower clamping mode must wait until the lift mode track down before use, and the punch must be stopped at the bottom dead center, if not reached the same position, the punch can not be continuous operation, with mold and personnel protection. Under the clamping mode to relax after the detection, the die in the die to lift the side.

In the actual precision punch press gantry punch operation, a lot of easy to forging customers will quickly change the effectiveness of the device play most vividly, the key is its practice makes perfect angle closing Machine, the experience was summarized.

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