This is a matter of caution when installing punch machine

When the punch is installed, it is important to note the following:

1) Before the punching machine is installed, it should be confirmed that the cutting edge of the die is sharp and there is no chipping on the cutting edge of the concave die. If there is collapse or missing angle, please rub the first knife blade.

2) before the mold should be in the upper and lower mold between the pad into a silicon steel sheet, defensive due to handling process bumps knife edge.

3) in the mold before loading the punch, use the whetstone to the bottom and the top of the burr worn off, with a cloth to clean up the waste. If there is burr or rubbish on the upper and lower surfaces of the mold, it will cause the burr tolerance of the die.

4) Punch Adjust the stroke of the slider to the satisfactory position to press the upper mold, make sure that the surface of the mold handle or the mold frame is cleverly fitted on the bottom surface of the slider and the lower mold plate screw is pressed tightly. And then adjust the slide up the punch, remove the center of the silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower mold plate screw, adjust the slider downward, until the punch into the die 3 ~ 4mm, pressed under the molded plate screws. Punch a new punch punch punch must be into the mold 3 ~ 4mm, otherwise, there must be punch die or concave die burst.

5) take off the slider to the top dead center position, adjust the punch rod back screw, to tighten properly, and then idly a few times to observe the mold and punch the work of the agency is unusual. If there is no abnormal situation, you can start the production.

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