The source to eliminate the use of safety and precision presses

Many of the current stamping equipment operating system, electrical control system there are many elements of insecurity, if the continued use of its corresponding skill transformation, perhaps the selection of high security features high precision presses, servo presses and other equipment, from the source to eliminate security risks. Crankshaft is an important structural parts of precision presses induction heating, used to transfer motion and power. In the course of operation, the load is extremely complex, bear infinite impact load, in addition, also by the effect of alternating stress, seriously affecting the fatigue strength of the crankshaft, prone to fatigue failure.

As we all know, precision punching in the production if not timely protection methods, will bring the production risk, affecting the production of power, then there are some precision punching in the production to avoid damage with the method? And with the precision punch to the direction of high-speed development straightening machine, the crankshaft load and operating conditions even more harsh. In the cyclical changes in the load effect, resulting in premature fatigue damage. So it is necessary to analyze the dynamic characteristics of the crankshaft busbar machines.

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