One of the most important practical examples of using system variables in a macro program

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One of the most important practical examples of using system variables in a macro program

deals with the sub ject of modal data All ba sic CNC pro gram ming courses teach that the ma jor ity

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of data in a CNC pro gram is modal The word modal is a word based on the Latin word mo dus,

which means man ner In Eng lish, we of ten use the words mode, style, form, etc , to de scribe such

a con di tion When the same mean ing is angle machine ap plied to the CNC modal word, for ex am ple a feedrate

word F2500, it means the spec i fied feedrate has the same form, same style, same mode – it means

that it does not change, or that it is modal, un til an other feedrate word re places it The same logic

ap plies to many other CNC pro gram state ments (words), such as the spin dle speed S, off sets H

and D, and many oth ers, in clud ing most of the G-codes and the M-codes Of course, notching machine all axis data

is modal as well (XYZ po si tions)

In this chap ter, the em pha sis will be placed on the im por tance of pro gram modal val ues that ex –

ist be fore the cus tom macro is called, ei ther from the main pro gram, or from an other subprogram

The em pha sis will also be at how a macro can angle shearing machine store the ex ist ing modal val ues, change them tem –

po rarily, and re store the orig i nal ones later, when re quired

Work ing with modal com mands in mac ros is not dif fi cult, but care is needed to avoid prob lems

System Variables for Modal Commands

The 4000 se ries of sys tem vari ables (ap pli ca ble to FS-0/10/11/15/16/18/21) cov ers the uti li za –

tion of modal com mands within a macro In this 4000 se ries, there are two groups of sys tem vari –

ables, based on the con trol model:

Fanuc 0/16/18/21 Modal Information

These con trol models use a set of two 4000 se ries vari ables:

#4001 to #4022

Modal Information

(G-code groups)

#4102 to #4130

Modal Information

(B, D, F, H, M, N, O, S, and T codes)

Fanuc 10/11/15 Modal In

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