How to use the punch oil to extend the service life of the machine

After a period of manipulation of the press, then it is necessary to practice a certain affection for it, then there is a certain degree of association with the smooth, and you want to lubricate the combat skills, then deal with the use of lubricants you Need to understand the knowledge:

1, N22 and Punch N32 oil equal to the old dull oil (spindle oil No. 3), for the lubrication of the spindle speed of 1500r / m or more, small and medium high-speed cutting machine tools, drilling, grinding machines, milling machines and thread processing machine Such as gear box.

2, N15 oil may be used as punch hydraulic oil, low pressure hydraulic equipment used throughout the press. Such as the hydraulic system of general machine tools, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic balers, hydraulic suppression of oil and landing craft door hydraulic system.

3, N68 oil equivalent to the old 40 mechanical oil, the use of JB23 series tilting punch in the lubrication of the following various mechanical: low-speed heavy machine tools, such as vertical lathe, 1660 lathe, gantry milling machine, planer core box.
In addition, the three commonly used punching oil can also be used for metal processing heat pipe bundle quenching kerosene, cutting oil emulsified oil regret the source of rust oil, and punch can be used soft sesame oil. Then you have to remember these knowledge, determine that you are using the device more durable!

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