How to Improve the Processing Capacity of Press Want to improve the press punching

How to Improve the Processing Capacity of Press Want to improve the press punching ability drilling equipment, improve work efficiency is a lot of customers in the production process has been thinking about the problem, for an enterprise, the punch processing capacity of the stronger, the higher the efficiency of the benefits for the enterprise The larger. So how can we improve the processing capacity of punch it? Under normal circumstances, in order to improve the processing capacity of the press, to start from the device structure, including the lifting device, rodless cylinder, connecting rod, feeding arm and pick arm, the lifting device set up two symmetrically fixed The rodless cylinder being located above the table and having its two ends fixed to the tops of the piston rods of the two lifting devices respectively; the connecting rods being parallel to the rodless cylinders, the middle of which is connected with the movement of the rodless cylinders And the feeding arm and the feeding arm are horizontally fixedly connected with two ends of the connecting rod and are perpendicular to the connecting rod and located on the same side of the connecting rod busbar bending machine manufacturer.

The workpiece on the mold corresponds to a disc electromagnet or a vacuum chuck. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and automation of the workpiece and the sheet material conveying, greatly improving the working efficiency of the press and reducing the labor intensity and the danger of the operation. IPM company has large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods, and to achieve the ERP resource planning system, PDM network design management and advanced CAM-assisted manufacturing and processing Materials and technology to deal with the physical and chemical testing / mechanical stress treatment CNC punching machines, and other high-end enterprise information engineering, the establishment of a professional R \u0026 D center, product design and manufacturing the entire process of strict implementation of ISO international quality standard system procedures and reference to international stamping equipment standard grade requirements. In the same industry occupies an absolute advantage in the international market. Learn more Punch information Dongguan IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

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