How to fix the T – groove plate without foundation

T-slot flat plate is generally do not need to do with the ground connection with the ground fixed together, for example, welding, assembly with T-slot plate, etc., only need to reach the use of the site, with a few horns on the ground level You can. But some T-slot plate on the need to do a good foundation and the ground fixed. For example, motor test platform, floor boring machine table and other needs in the T-slot plate above the impact force angle cutting machine, vibration and weight of the operation. Many customers because it is not a professional installation so there is doubt, T-slot plate does not do the foundation how to connect to the ground fixed it? The following cast iron platform manufacturer for everyone to explain

1, first in the design of the T-slot plate when the ground connection with the ground to take into account some holes, that is, to the bottom of the T-slot plateĀ cnc drill to reserve the foot hole.

2, followed by if the anchor bolts are not connected, T-slot plate directly with cement mortar fixed on the basis for the installation of light and well balanced, less vibration T-slot flat.

3, the last short ground bolts and long anchor bolts installation method is: a watering method is the basis of watering, the advance to anchor bolts, and the basis between the watering. According to the different embedding depth of the bolts, it can be divided into two kinds: embedded and partially embedded CNC Punching Machine for Sale. The advantage is to reduce the template works to increase the stability of anchor bolts, ruggedness and shock resistance; disadvantage is not easy to adjust. Second irrigation method is to water foundation, in advance on the basis of leaving the anchor bolt hole, the installation of equipment to wear bolts, and then use concrete or cement mortar to anchor the bolt holes to pour water tamping. This method is suitable for fixed light dynamic load lighter, less shock and vibration of light equipment.

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