German machine tool manufacturing industry turmoil

German machine tool manufacturing industry turmoil, the Asian market is bullish Machinery manufacturing industry is seen as Germany’s ‘facade’ industry metal hole punch, currently facing the plight of the experts described the ‘twists and turns’. Four months ago, the machinery industry appeared to be still bullish, with a forecast of 4% growth in 2012 and now reporting a zero-growth downside. Germany Machine Tool Manufacturers Association had previously predicted that machinery manufacturing industry ‘thriving’. The global economic recession has caused losses to the machinery manufacturing industry. In 2011, the initial forecast of 14% growth rate Drilling Machine for H beam, and later growth expectations down to 12%, the result is a 1.9% in December to achieve a negative growth. German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association executive director WilfriedSchaefer said: ‘December as the first 25 months since the negative growth steel beam fabrication, resulting in the fourth quarter decline. ‘However, in December 2011, the implementation of the early 1960s, the implementation of order statistics since the new high. In 2011, machine tool production increased by 1/3, a record high growth rate. In the year, the average utilization rate of capacity reached 93.8%.

The backlog was maintained at 9.3 months. As the German machine tool industry production is at a high level, the Association predicts a slowdown in growth this year. However, the association is still optimistic about this year ‘s ‘optimistic.’ The German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association expects the German machine tool industry to grow 5% year-on-year in 2012, on the back of high levels of order reserves, non-delivery orders and capacity utilization. This prediction is based on early macroeconomic indicators. Association forecast Oxford Institute forecast 2012 global economy maintained 2.5% growth rate. Industrial output is expected to show strong growth, on this basis, the main customers of the machine tool industry investment is expected to grow. The key to meeting the challenges of the global recession is to strengthen globalization and break into the Asian market. The challenge, however, lies in the need to address costly and skilled labor shortages. Even in the German machine tool suppliers in the traditional market turmoil when the industry will also be listed as Asia’s ‘huge potential market.’ Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce recent survey shows that machinery manufacturers expect higher than other industries, the industry optimism than pessimism.

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