Difference between NC Machine Tool and Ordinary Machine Tool

First, the difference between CNC machine tools and general machine
CNC machine tools on the part of the processing process, in strict accordance with the processing of the parameters and actions specified by the implementation. It is a high-performance automatic or semi-automatic machine, compared with ordinary machine tools, has the following obvious features: 1, suitable for processing complex shaped parts
CNC machine tools can complete the ordinary machine is difficult to complete or simply can not process the complex parts of the processing, so in the aerospace, shipbuilding, mold and other processing industry has been widely used.
2, high precision machining
3, stable and reliable processing
To achieve computer control, excluding human error, parts of the processing consistency, stable and reliable quality.
4, high flexibility
When the processing object changes, generally only needs to change the numerical control procedure, manifests the very good adaptability, may save the production to prepare time greatly. On the basis of CNC machine tools, can be composed of a more flexible automated manufacturing system-FMS.
5, high productivity
CNC machine tool itself, high precision, rigidity, the choice of favorable processing and production, high productivity, generally 3 to 5 times the general machine tools, the processing of certain complex parts, production efficiency can be increased ten times or even several times.
6, good working conditions
High degree of automation, machine operators greatly reduce the labor intensity, the working environment is better.
7, is conducive to the modernization of management
The use of CNC machine tools is conducive to the computer control and management of production development, in order to achieve the production process automation to create the conditions.
8, investment, the use of high cost
9, production preparation work is complex
As the whole process of using the process control, NC preparation of the preparatory work is more complex, including the process to determine, programming and so on.
10, maintenance difficulties
CNC machine tools is a typical mechanical and electrical integration products, high technical content, the technical requirements of the maintenance staff is very high.
Second, the scope of application of CNC machine tools
As the above characteristics of CNC machine tools for CNC machining parts are:
1, small batch and repeated production of parts;
2, geometric shapes of complex parts;
3, expensive parts processing;
4, the need for all parts of the test;
5, test pieces.
The above parts using CNC machining, in order to maximize the advantages of CNC machining.
CNC machine tools – is the numerical control machine tools (Computernumericalcontrolmachinetools) referred to, is a program with the control system of automatic machine tools.
CNC machine tools and general machine main difference is: CNC machine tools with a numerical control system (program control system), can be programmed to achieve automatic processing. The general machine does not have this feature. Other differences and easy misunderstanding:
1. CNC machine tools usually do not need to man-made process, set a good origin and NC program can be prepared.
2. Usually the accuracy of CNC machine tools than the average machine to be high.
3. Not to say that the accuracy of CNC machine tools must be higher than the accuracy of ordinary machine tools, precision depends on the core components used and the design of structural rigidity and assembly techniques and so on.
4. CNC machine tools are usually closed for the protection (also semi-closed protective type), in terms of security than the more reliable machine tools.
5. CNC machine tools must have a numerical control system, or have a CNC system with the machine can be called CNC machine tools. CNC system is the core of CNC machine tools.

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