Common hydraulic unit conversion

1 m ^ 3 / s = 60000 L / min

L / min * MPa = 1/60 KW

1000psi = 68.95bar ≈ 7MPa (Europe and the United States and other countries accustomed to using psi as the unit, psi English full name Pounds per square inch.P is pounds pound, S is the square square, I is inch inches.

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1kgf / cm ^ 2 = 0.1MPa (kgf: kilogram force, is the engineering unit in the force of the main unit, is a kilogram of material on Earth by the gravity)

In China, we usually describe the pressure in best cnc machines kilograms (instead of pounds), the unit is “kg / cm ^ 2”, one kilogram of pressure is one kilogram of force on a square.

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