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German machine tool manufacturing industry turmoil

German machine tool manufacturing industry turmoil, the Asian market is bullish Machinery manufacturing industry is seen as Germany’s ‘facade’ industry metal hole punch, currently facing the plight of the experts described the ‘twists and turns’. Four months ago, the machinery industry appeared to be still bullish, with a forecast of 4% growth in 2012 and […]

  • Guangzhou Punch, Association forging presses

    Guangzhou Punch, Association forging presses, Guangzhou 45 tons punch IPM punch operation function integrated in the LCD screen induction welding, the frame automatically displays the contents of the fault, the clutch / brake device highly sensitive CNC busbar bending, the international top single solenoid valve metal punching equipment, punch to ensure that the Guangzhou press […]

  • high-speed punching machine metal cutting bandsaw

    Guangzhou Punch, professional punch Guangzhou, Guangzhou punch prices Guangzhou Punch-IPM manufacturers and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment drilling machine company, the precision detection equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods to achieve the purpose of the Guangzhou-based high-speed punching machine […]

  • IPM reputation of high quality Punch in today’s production is widely used

    IPM reputation of high quality Punch in today’s production is widely used, such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, household appliances, lighting, bicycles, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, household hardware and other production areas. In Guangdong and even the country, very good punch manufacturers, how to choose a good reputation, high quality manufacturers to become […]

  • IPM Precision Machinery Co horizontal boring machine

    Guangdong punch, forging presses, presses offer IPM Precision Machinery Co horizontal boring machine., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, which mainly produces precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging presses, etc. The forging presses are metal and mechanical cold working equipment, which only changes the outer shape of the metal. With the […]

  • How kind of precision punch stamping led high-power stent

    Using a high-performance stepless spindle and servo drive system punching machine for Head, precision presses greatly reduced the transmission structure of the drive chain is also greatly reduced. Stamping led high-power stent To adapt to continuous automated processing and improve processing productivity, precision punch mechanical structure has a high static boring machine for sale, dynamic […]

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  • The source to eliminate the use of safety and precision presses

    Many of the current stamping equipment operating system, electrical control system there are many elements of insecurity, if the continued use of its corresponding skill transformation, perhaps the selection of high security features high precision presses, servo presses and other equipment, from the source to eliminate security risks. Crankshaft is an important structural parts of […]

  • The work of precision press hydraulic press

    Precision Punch Hydraulic Presses In the automotive industry Shearing for Flat Bars, aerospace, aerospace and other categories, the objective of reducing the operational layout quality is to save people looking for energy for a long time, which is also an increasing trend of ancestor manufacturing skills. Hydroforming (hydroforming) is a predecessor manufacturing skill for achieving […]

  • Which Precision punch with the role of servo feeder

    Now, you see a lot of factories, skilled unskilled workers or workers a lot, mechanical feeder adjustment will not. Slightly do not pay attention, ranging from the feeder to cut off the arm and legs, while in the work-related injuries. Precision punch with servo feeder is necessary, determined by the characteristics of the servo feeder: […]

  • This is a matter of caution when installing punch machine

    When the punch is installed, it is important to note the following: 1) Before the punching machine is installed, it should be confirmed that the cutting edge of the die is sharp and there is no chipping on the cutting edge of the concave die. If there is collapse or missing angle, please rub the […]

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