Common hydraulic unit conversion

1 m ^ 3 / s = 60000 L / min

L / min * MPa = 1/60 KW

1000psi = 68.95bar ≈ 7MPa (Europe and the United States and other countries accustomed to using psi as the unit, psi English full name Pounds per square inch.P is pounds pound, S is the square square, I is inch inches.

copper busbar machine

1kgf / cm ^ 2 = 0.1MPa (kgf: kilogram force, is the engineering unit in the force of the main unit, is a kilogram of material on Earth by the gravity)

In China, we usually describe the pressure in best cnc machines kilograms (instead of pounds), the unit is “kg / cm ^ 2”, one kilogram of pressure is one kilogram of force on a square.

How to fix the T – groove plate without foundation

T-slot flat plate is generally do not need to do with the ground connection with the ground fixed together, for example, welding, assembly with T-slot plate, etc., only need to reach the use of the site, with a few horns on the ground level You can. But some T-slot plate on the need to do a good foundation and the ground fixed. For example, motor test platform, floor boring machine table and other needs in the T-slot plate above the impact force angle cutting machine, vibration and weight of the operation. Many customers because it is not a professional installation so there is doubt, T-slot plate does not do the foundation how to connect to the ground fixed it? The following cast iron platform manufacturer for everyone to explain

1, first in the design of the T-slot plate when the ground connection with the ground to take into account some holes, that is, to the bottom of the T-slot plate cnc drill to reserve the foot hole.

2, followed by if the anchor bolts are not connected, T-slot plate directly with cement mortar fixed on the basis for the installation of light and well balanced, less vibration T-slot flat.

3, the last short ground bolts and long anchor bolts installation method is: a watering method is the basis of watering, the advance to anchor bolts, and the basis between the watering. According to the different embedding depth of the bolts, it can be divided into two kinds: embedded and partially embedded CNC Punching Machine for Sale. The advantage is to reduce the template works to increase the stability of anchor bolts, ruggedness and shock resistance; disadvantage is not easy to adjust. Second irrigation method is to water foundation, in advance on the basis of leaving the anchor bolt hole, the installation of equipment to wear bolts, and then use concrete or cement mortar to anchor the bolt holes to pour water tamping. This method is suitable for fixed light dynamic load lighter, less shock and vibration of light equipment.

based on different needs, to make the appropriate mold

Recommended the latest 80 tons of Shenzhen punch, 80 tons of precision punch offer direct punch prices 80 tons punch press is a stamping press, in the daily production and processing can be based on different needs, to make the appropriate mold, installed in the punch, out of the corresponding sample steel hole punch. Punch technology is relatively simple, compared with other mechanical processing equipment with fast, time-saving, the advantages of material. The design principle of the press is to convert the circular motion into linear motion sheet metal cutter. The main motor drives the flywheel and drives the gear, the crankshaft (or the eccentric gear) and the connecting rod through the clutch to achieve the linear motion of the slider. The movement of the connecting rod is circular motion hydraulic angle cutting machine. 80 tons of precision punch presses, please click contact us.

Technological innovation to promote the development of China ‘s punch industry

Technological innovation to promote the development of China ‘s punch industry At present, China’s CNC punch press casting industry has now made great achievements in the world of CNC punch press foundry industry also has a strong strength. However, its technically still can not come out on top, the technology has become China’s CNC punch press casting industry, the next step to continue to develop obstacles. ‘With the continuous development of China’s economic level, the conditions of China’s independent innovation technology has been basically mature cnc drilling machine for beams, and vigorously develop the technology has become a CNC punch press casting industry can not wait to work’ International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui pointed out that the CNC punch press casting industry competition induction heater. In the final analysis is the technical level of competition, only technology development notching machine, and China’s CNC punch press industry to continue to move towards high-end market, access to greater development.

How to Improve the Processing Capacity of Press Want to improve the press punching

How to Improve the Processing Capacity of Press Want to improve the press punching ability drilling equipment, improve work efficiency is a lot of customers in the production process has been thinking about the problem, for an enterprise, the punch processing capacity of the stronger, the higher the efficiency of the benefits for the enterprise The larger. So how can we improve the processing capacity of punch it? Under normal circumstances, in order to improve the processing capacity of the press, to start from the device structure, including the lifting device, rodless cylinder, connecting rod, feeding arm and pick arm, the lifting device set up two symmetrically fixed The rodless cylinder being located above the table and having its two ends fixed to the tops of the piston rods of the two lifting devices respectively; the connecting rods being parallel to the rodless cylinders, the middle of which is connected with the movement of the rodless cylinders And the feeding arm and the feeding arm are horizontally fixedly connected with two ends of the connecting rod and are perpendicular to the connecting rod and located on the same side of the connecting rod busbar bending machine manufacturer.

The workpiece on the mold corresponds to a disc electromagnet or a vacuum chuck. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and automation of the workpiece and the sheet material conveying, greatly improving the working efficiency of the press and reducing the labor intensity and the danger of the operation. IPM company has large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods, and to achieve the ERP resource planning system, PDM network design management and advanced CAM-assisted manufacturing and processing Materials and technology to deal with the physical and chemical testing / mechanical stress treatment CNC punching machines, and other high-end enterprise information engineering, the establishment of a professional R \u0026 D center, product design and manufacturing the entire process of strict implementation of ISO international quality standard system procedures and reference to international stamping equipment standard grade requirements. In the same industry occupies an absolute advantage in the international market. Learn more Punch information Dongguan IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

German machine tool manufacturing industry turmoil

German machine tool manufacturing industry turmoil, the Asian market is bullish Machinery manufacturing industry is seen as Germany’s ‘facade’ industry metal hole punch, currently facing the plight of the experts described the ‘twists and turns’. Four months ago, the machinery industry appeared to be still bullish, with a forecast of 4% growth in 2012 and now reporting a zero-growth downside. Germany Machine Tool Manufacturers Association had previously predicted that machinery manufacturing industry ‘thriving’. The global economic recession has caused losses to the machinery manufacturing industry. In 2011, the initial forecast of 14% growth rate Drilling Machine for H beam, and later growth expectations down to 12%, the result is a 1.9% in December to achieve a negative growth. German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association executive director WilfriedSchaefer said: ‘December as the first 25 months since the negative growth steel beam fabrication, resulting in the fourth quarter decline. ‘However, in December 2011, the implementation of the early 1960s, the implementation of order statistics since the new high. In 2011, machine tool production increased by 1/3, a record high growth rate. In the year, the average utilization rate of capacity reached 93.8%.

The backlog was maintained at 9.3 months. As the German machine tool industry production is at a high level, the Association predicts a slowdown in growth this year. However, the association is still optimistic about this year ‘s ‘optimistic.’ The German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association expects the German machine tool industry to grow 5% year-on-year in 2012, on the back of high levels of order reserves, non-delivery orders and capacity utilization. This prediction is based on early macroeconomic indicators. Association forecast Oxford Institute forecast 2012 global economy maintained 2.5% growth rate. Industrial output is expected to show strong growth, on this basis, the main customers of the machine tool industry investment is expected to grow. The key to meeting the challenges of the global recession is to strengthen globalization and break into the Asian market. The challenge, however, lies in the need to address costly and skilled labor shortages. Even in the German machine tool suppliers in the traditional market turmoil when the industry will also be listed as Asia’s ‘huge potential market.’ Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce recent survey shows that machinery manufacturers expect higher than other industries, the industry optimism than pessimism.

Guangzhou Punch, Association forging presses

Guangzhou Punch, Association forging presses, Guangzhou 45 tons punch IPM punch operation function integrated in the LCD screen induction welding, the frame automatically displays the contents of the fault, the clutch / brake device highly sensitive CNC busbar bending, the international top single solenoid valve metal punching equipment, punch to ensure that the Guangzhou press run and stop the accuracy and safety. Electrical circuit design, can be used with a variety of automation equipment, automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Supply Guangzhou 45 tons punch, please contact us.

high-speed punching machine metal cutting bandsaw

Guangzhou Punch, professional punch Guangzhou, Guangzhou punch prices Guangzhou Punch-IPM manufacturers and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment drilling machine company, the precision detection equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods to achieve the purpose of the Guangzhou-based high-speed punching machine metal cutting bandsaw, ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience. Guangzhou punch prices please click contact us custom cnc machine.

IPM reputation of high quality Punch in today’s production is widely used

IPM reputation of high quality Punch in today’s production is widely used, such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, household appliances, lighting, bicycles, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, household hardware and other production areas. In Guangdong and even the country, very good punch manufacturers, how to choose a good reputation, high quality manufacturers to become a manufacturing industry is very concerned about. IPM Punch has a good reputation in the industry, Shenzhen IPM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., uphold the ‘fine create quality, exercise control the future’ concept, independent research and development of strong practical technology, unique advanced technology to meet customer needs. The products of the indicators have reached the national standard angle bending machine, in the same industry in a leading position. ‘IPM card’ is its mechanical precision angle work machine, mechanical wear resistance strong, scientific and reasonable structure and good after-sales service and well received by the user’s trust and recognition at home and abroad cnc angle machine. IPM reputation, you and I have witnessed. ‘IPM card’ punch will, as always, for the vast number of old and new customers to provide high-quality punch, create brilliant.

IPM Precision Machinery Co horizontal boring machine

Guangdong punch, forging presses, presses offer IPM Precision Machinery Co horizontal boring machine., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, which mainly produces precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging presses, etc. The forging presses are metal and mechanical cold working equipment, which only changes the outer shape of the metal. With the equipment structure is simple, smooth production gantry welding machine, vibration and noise is small, easy to automate, high production efficiency. IPM punch plant to skilled engineering and technology-based, customer satisfaction for the purpose of service, welcomed the overwhelming majority of customers to buy, and to undertake the special needs of customers specifications products drill machine brands. Punch Price Please click contact us.

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